Lance RageGate

NOTE: A couple days ago I posted an article that showed Lance Armstrong assaulting some old guy after Stage 16 at the Tour.

Here’s the related links: Lance RageGate and Tour de France 2010: Stage 16, Rest Day #2

Via @Cycletard all of that is now known as “Lance Ragegate” and can be followed in Twitter with #lanceragegate . END NOTE

Here’s the video again:

As a response to those articles “Anonymous” (yes, I do believe that that is really his name, why would anyone lie about a thing like that? Though I suspect he’s also know as @Cycloid who tweeted me something similar) left me this comment:

“Do you even ride? Ever ride a bike at very slow speed?

He didn’t shoulder-check the guy – he overbalanced and bounced off the guy.

Then he stops, looks back to see what the outcome was, and gives some kind of wave or gesture.

It could easily have been a “hi, sorry” wave.

The youtube doesn’t show any middle finger. Unless there’s a better copy somewhere that you have seen I don’t think you can justify all the drama you’re imagining.”

Let’s take a look at that scenario.

1. Lance Armstrong, a guy renowned to be not merely an adequate bike handler, but an extraordinary one, can’t manage to keep his bike upright while traveling at approximately 10 MPH and pedaling.

2. He knocks a guy into a fence, then stops and stares at him. Instead of saying “I’m sorry” or “Are you ok?” he merely tucks his hand in close to his chest so that the guy is the only one with a really clear view of it and then “waves” or “gestures” “I’m sorry”?

3. Lance, unable to ride his bike in a safe and controlled manner, chooses to wobble recklessly through a throng of pedestrians, putting their health, safety and wellbeing at risk, actually managing to “accidentally” knock one of them into a fence.

Well, that’s certainly plausible.

By the way, this has been picked up by The NY Times. Now maybe some responsible journalist AT the Tour will have enough balls to ask Lance for an explanation of his assault on this poor guy.

Why has not even a single “journalist” had the guts to ask Lance Armstrong for an explanation of his assault on that old man?

If it was anyone else there would be questions for the assailant, the victim would be found and interviewed, witnesses would be interviewed. But it’s Lance, so he gets a free pass.

Even if you spin it in Lance’s favor, it’s something deserving of journalistic investigation. Instead all fawning “journalist” Lanceophiles stick their heads in the sand and pretend it never happened for fear of losing access to The Boss.

It’s pathetic and disgusting.

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